“The mourning doves are calling in the garden again,” Josie says, turning her head toward the open window.
It is true. The dawn sky trembles wetly and lists sideways as it rises over the horizon, haunting woo-woos welling from the ground and seeping into the grey mist as though the earth is crying itself awake.

-from my current story, “Reverberations aka The Siren’s Lament”

morning mist and agaves

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  1. Thanks! Character and dialogue are my major weaknesses when it comes to writing, my strength is description. But I am trying to make this a very character-driven piece with good dialogue, which is probably why it is the most difficult piece I have written. But I am determined to get a piece with good characterization and dialogue. Sometimes I think present tense prose slides right past “literary” and into “pretentious” but I am tentatively liking it with this piece.


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