On character:

Photo credit: unknown
Photo credit: unknown

Of all the many ways I find pinterest useful, one of my favorite ways is to help me with character descriptions. When I write, I often have a general idea of what my character looks like, but sometimes I have a hard time completely picturing their  face. There are a *ton* of character inspiration boards on pinterest and it really helps you narrow down the nitty gritty of appearance. I use the it the same for settings. Often, I will start with an idea of “this takes place in an old theater” with the moderate idea of what the old theater will look like, but pulling up photos of actual old theaters helps me really focus my look. For the Siren’s Lament, I put together a secret story board on pinterest of photos with setting ideas, character ideas, and quotes that reminded me of my character. I find having the visual element really helped me. Plus, having it on my phone meant I could access it on the go if I had a few minutes to write between work and errands, I could get in the zone much faster with my story board and meditation music at hand. Here is a story board for swan lake I found that gave me my idea:

Photo Credit: http://droo216.tumblr.com/tagged/fairy+tale+graphics/page/4
Photo Credit: http://droo216.tumblr.com/tagged/fairy+tale+graphics/page/4

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