6 Random Things

Six Random Things about Me:

  1. Years of horror movies have given me a somewhat irrational fear of reflections. I am always halfway expecting to see an angry dead woman hovering behind my shoulder.
  2. I still watch *all* the Disney movies
  3. Even though I value knowledge, I hate the news because it is too depressing. I hate appearing ignorant even more, though, so when people discuss news, I usually just nod my head and mummer knowingly.
  4. My favorite color is purple, and just about everything I own is purple.
  5. I loose sunhats and umbrellas constantly, so I buy cheap ones in bulk every year.
  6. I am unable to enter a coffee shop and not buy coffee. Even if I am not tired. Even if I have already had coffee. Even if I have a caffeine headache. Sigh

Writing challenge: Look at a character you think you have fleshed out. What are 3/6/10 habits of theirs that make them unique? How can you work this into your story?

photo credit: caisak.com
photo credit: caisak.com

2 thoughts on “6 Random Things

  1. Love these six things about you! Funny, years of horror movies haven’t had the same impact on me, but camping in leafy woods sure freaks me out. Thank goodness camping in the desert just involves cacti, snakes, and wild burros. 😀

    I think I’ll do this meme, too. Hmmm. 🙂

    Thank you for the writing prompt!

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  2. PS I’m the same with the news. I’m getting to be the same way just with difficult topics in literature. Reading Moby Dick was really depressing, for example. (I mean, reading Moby Dick was depressing anyway, but then there was the end…)

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