Some Complaints About Writing, To Be Followed Shortly By Actual Writing

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There has been a shift in me.

I first noticed it when doing Campnanowrimo in June, the slow pendulum swing of unease, the sense that all was not well. It grew in August when I was trying to finish the Siren’s Lament. Even though I have written some things I have been proud of, overall my connection to my writing has felt shallow to me and I missed the total immersion in my words. In short:

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So, the last few weeks I have been putting actual writing on the backburner while seeking to re-establish the connection to my creative self, with limited sucess. Then, several things happened that led me to an epiphany. I re-found my Copy of Tarot for Writers and I read an article on creating a regular writing ritual. And I realized: I have let go of my inner stillness. And I have stop letting myself be transported by the books I read.

In the past, I have always been taken over by luminous words by other authors. Reading amazing writing has always been a jumping off point for my own creativity. Also, going into nature, getting into that silent space where I need to be in to take great photos has been a great source of inspiration to me.

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This summer, with it’s 110 degree desert weather, has been too hot for me to seek out nature. And while I have read a lot of well-written books, they have been the action packed, entertaining books.

So, I am going to take a step back. For the month of September I am going to turn my television off. I am going to limit my internet to one hour a day (except this blog and pinterest because these are creative vehicles for me). And I will be working with tarot and meditation daily for my writing practice to develop micro-stories ( and sometimes longer fics if the spirit moves me). So you will be seeing a lot of tarot cards in my post for the next month. Let the good stories roll on!

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