Writing: A Juggler’s Tale

photo credit: http://s39.photobucket.com/user/Idjy_Tredgud/media/de4aefee60493848bb.jpg.html
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I close my eyes, tuck my hands in my pockets. It doesn’t matter. Invisible, persistent, they spin around me: a pencil, a camera, the pile of laundry I need to wash, the chicken I need to bake, the pharmacy textbook I need to study, and the tarot deck I need to meditate over. All my responsibilities, twirling around me, taking up my attention and asking me to pick one up, juggle it with the others.

How does anyone do it? How does anyone find the time to do all the things that they need to do? This has played on my mind a lot this month. I decided to split my writing between my fiction writing and my more spiritual writing, and also focus on developing my photography skills. Between all of that, and being trained in a new department at work, I feel like I am doing many things, and none of them very well.

So, how to juggle? For me, it means carving out an unchangeable writing schedule. Every day, from 6-7, I will devote the hour to just writing fiction. Every day, rain or shine. There is also a Monday finish-the-story flash fiction meme that I want to participate in every Monday. Sometimes I have to remind myself: I am a writer, and writers write. Carving out time is a challenge, but I am determined to do it. How do you guys carve out time for your writing habit?

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