This Writers Life: October Favorites

photo credit: me
photo credit: me

These are a few of my favorite things…Yep, shamelessly listening to Christmas carols in October because that’s how I roll, sometimes. Guys, my heart has been stirring and fluttering this October. As I have so often before, I have fallen in love…with books. And tea. And tarot.

I think with the rise of every new writing endeavor, we find new things that help us swim in the surging tide of creativity. So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things this month and hope you will share yours as well.


45 Master Characters: This is a book that explores popular masculine and feminine archetypes found in literature, mythology, and popular culture. It explores both the good and bad side of each archetype. A few on the female side would be Artemis: The Amazon and the Gorgon; Demeter: the Nurturer and the Over controlling Mother;  Hera: The Matriarch and the Scroned Woman. From the male side we have Apollo: The businessman and the traitor; Poseidon: The Artist and the Abuser; Hades: the Recluse and the Warlock. We also have supporting characters and both the Masculine and the Feminine Hero’s Journey with worksheet. Love love love this book. So perfect when plotting character

How to Write Killer Fiction by Carolyn Wheat: I am in the middle of a supernatural gothic mystery, and I want it to be amazing, basically. This book is really enjoyable. The author is funny, which makes it easy to read, and it goes from suspense to mystery to the writing process. I have found it very helpful in plotting my story.

Tea: Make no mistake. I am a shameless coffee type of girl. But there is something about the process of selecting, brewing, and sipping tea that lets your mind slow down a little and your creativity rise. A badass wolf mug doesn’t hurt either, lol.

photo credit :me
photo credit :me

Singing bowl: After reading Kate’s amazing new novel, I became entranced by the idea of a singing bowl. I turned to google, then amazon, in order to have one of my very own. I absolutely love it. I find that if I meditate on a scene, visualizing it and using the singing bowl, I get such a richer sensory experience to add to each scene

Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards by Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw: I actually met Emily Ellershaw on Instagram and she is amazing. So, I couldn’t resist picking up a copy of her Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards. Essentially, it is similar to a tarot deck in that each individual card has a meaning and can be used for insight into a situation. But it is completely unique in that each card is based off an original fantasy story so each card is part of the story and has its own meaning. For example, Word on the Wing is the part of the story where dryads help the seeker escape a bad situation through nature messages. The meaning of the card is that you will soon receive a message. I have really enjoyed using this deck to plot my story and I will be using it throughout November for Nanowrimo.

photo credit: me
photo credit: me


I picked up a small chalkboard and some multi colored chalk at Walmart for less than $20 and I love it. It makes it so easy to brainstorm random ideas, thought maps, etc, or to get down a sudden idea for a later scene quickly without breaking the flow of the scene you are in.

Writing Notebook

Ah, the humble notebook. I love computers, but I love them a little bit too much. I get more entranced by instagram and youtube and amazon than I do with writing sometimes. Okay…oftentimes. Sometimes, the best thing I can do for my writing is just grab a notebook, a pen, and my music and go sit by the pool and write, free of distractions.

All right, consider yourselves tagged! What are your favorite things for your writing life?

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