Quietest Character: Draw Three


The river of time flows and we must flow with it, discarding pieces of who we were like flotsam at the side of a creek.  Until that year, I never paid much attention to the minutia of the days-of what interest are traffic jams and eggs on toast against a sun-drenched morning that falls into your hand like an tangerine? Who can think about picking up the mail or meeting for coffee when you can lift that tangerine day  to your mouth and sink your teeth into it, letting the orange drops fall from your mouth and onto canvas?  So when the colors of the days changed, when electric green secrets began sneaking into the scarlet days,when the ordinary brown of everyday conversations started to smoke and curl at the edges, I paid no mind. When Daphne came to me, asking me to go with her and the other girls to the lake that night, I didn’t lift my eyes from the painting long enough to look at her before refusing. Drop by drop, moments of that Autumn have fallen away from me, leaving only faint tear stains of memory. But that day, with Daphne’s shadow stretching ahead of me on the wooden floor, fingers raised in solemn entreaty, is mine to keep. Her voice was the vibrant blue of blueberries on that tangerine morning and I hold that.

#writerstarotchallenge day five draw three for your quietest character. When I came across this description of the sorcerer in the heart of faerie oracle, I knew he would appear in my novel, “Dull little man, funny little nose, funny little hat, not paying attention to you, or so you would think. There he is, nestled in the tree trunks, listening, thinking, just about to move, and when he does, you might want to duck.” When I drew cards for this character, I got a lot of wand energy, so i thought, hmm, he is a volcano quiet on the top with a ton of fire going on underneath. And then it hit me. I always wanted to write about a character with  Synesthesia a condition where all the senses get cross-wired. A person with synesthesia may see colours when they hear a sound, or can actually taste words. He is one of two “watcher” characters in my novel, who see a lot of what goes on but remain neutral, rarely acting on behalf of either the hero or villain, just watching and waiting. #nanowrimo #writing #writerslife #writingcommunity #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #tarotchallenge #witchesofinstagram #amwriting

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