Medusa’s Mask: a Virtue for My Villain

I loved them. Madison for her fierce light, Daphne for her easy grace. The way that Caitlyn trailed the scent of roses with her everywhere she went. I loved Abigail with her ink stained fingers and shy smile. The way Miriam always had time to help the youngest girls with their form, and how Ruth would spend hours patiently luring the haughty swans in the moat into parading across the lawn. I loved all of them.  And so, afterwards, after their breaths slowed and stopped, after their lips had cooled and frozen in their Cheshire smiles, I sat with them. I wrapped Madison’s still fingers around the Oleander stems, laid the flushed blooms against her  chest. I braided snowy flower blooms in Daphne’s golden hair-daphne’s for Daphne. I sat by the lake and let the night wrap me in cold arms, listenin’ to the singin’ of the frogs. The night was seemin’ peaceful to the blind and innocent, but there is no fooling those with eyes to see.Twin tides of grief and love raged and thrashed, pullin’ at me. Tearin’ at me.  They tore me to pieces and I let them. The tears fell and where they lay sprang morning glories, belladonna, foxglove. Pretty flowers. Poisonous flowers. “Murderer,” the marsh reeds whispered with a soft clankin’ of stems.
The night was vast and wild,  the lake smilin’ her cold, sweet, smile.  “Monster” the loons called with their tremulous, warbling cry. “Why?” the wind asked with the soft weepin’ voice of six dying girls.  The lake laughed at them, and me. “Oh, but darling, you are your own ragnarock aren’t you?”she crooned. I ignored them all-the loons, and the lake and the wind. The night was vast and wild and dawn was a long way away when I climbed  painfully to my feet and reached for the last thing at the bottom of my pouch. The night was vast and wild, and I had my role to play.
#writerstarotchallenge medusa’s mask. I drew the knight of cups for this draw, because my villain embraces her emotions and her love, even knowing it will destroy her. I was going to post a photo of the card, but how perfect is this photo I took at the Riparian Preserve last year? Super lady of the lake vibes #nature #naturelover #sunrise

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