The Bathtub Story

april 8th bath magic

I haven’t quite decided what to title the story I am working on for Camp Nanowrimo yet, but a strong argument can be made to just call it “The Bathtub Story.” That’s write-I have added another ally in the constant love/hate battle I wage against my creative fervor-bathtub planning. A couple of weeks ago, I got an herbal bath kit. Essential, you put herbs in a muslin bag, boil it into a tea and pour it in the bath.  I made a cup of tea. set my red sandlewood incense burning,  turned on some music, and grabbed the book on Sea Folklore I was reading for plot ideas.

Then…magic happened. Maybe it was the slipper kiss of the water, the hypnotic beat of the drums, the sultry scent of sandlewood. Maybe it was the way the words seemed to shift and dance under the flickers of candlelight, but I was transported. As I read, ideas poured into myhead and my pen and I never looked back.
Part of it is pure psychology, I am sure. It is almost impossible not to relax while bathing, and that relaxation helps to get rid of the constant creative anxieties that crop up while writing. And once those anxieties fall away, it is easier to connect to your muse. Part of it is also pure sensory immerison. Combining taste (tea or wine), scent (candles or incense), music, reading a book, and the womb-like environment of the water fully engages all of your senses. It allows you to slip into a lightly meditative/twilight state where your conscious mind and subconscious mind can interact and inspiration can rise to the forefront. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it 🙂
april 8th bath magic b

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