Scent-ually Magic

Some of the best writing advice I have ever gotten was, “you can tell a writer is new to writing because their is no scent in their writing. It’s so long ago now that the book and author is lost in the mist of rememberance, but I have never forgotten the sentiment. Now, I carry a little sensory notebook with me, writing down snatces of scents and other sensory impressions as they happen-the fresh grass, peachy taste of a bite of mango, the lush verdant green growing and rotting scent of the riparian, the dust and copper taste of a dust storm in the desert. I record things as they happen in senses-sound, touch, taste, and site so that I can always add them to my writing.
So, I am excited to add “A Natural History of the Senses” by Diane Ackerman (one of the writers that inspired me on my path) to  my never ending to be read pile so I can learn more about the senses-how they work and how I experience them, and add that deeper understanding to my work and my life 🙂

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