Ahh, November. The time of year when the wind chills just enough to tease your face and the mystery of October tangles with the warmth of Yule. And, of course, there is Nanowrimo. A whole month dedicated to nothing but writing. I have given a lot of thought to Nanowrimo this year. Idon’t want to diveinto the full 50,000 words this year. I want to sip slowly at the creative well, just making the promise to show up every day at my desk to write and let the story flow as it will. I am issuing myself a private challenge for 1 great sentence a day. One sentence I am proud to write, even if nothing else that day please me. I am also issuing myself the challenge of writing dialogue. It is by far my weakest link and I want to get better at it. Those two are my small private goals for this Nanowrimo. As part of my goal of just showing up, I will make post daily on this blog this monthb52a6efac27d595bbcbdc242711ac3f3

One thought on “Nanowrimo

  1. Love this, and I think your goals sound perfect for you. One great sentence is a challenge–and you never know, you may find yourself writing several, or many. As for dialogue, if you want any feedback on what you come up with, I’m happy to offer constructive encouragement. 🙂

    This post, particularly the image, feels peaceful and full of (full) intention; it helps recenter me after a pretty wild weekend. I know things were thrown off-kilter for you as well this weekend, and it seems like you’re making the most of it and drawing deep from within the well of your Self. Thanks for modeling it for me and the rest of us. ♥


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