Writing Sprint #1 April 5th

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Haha, j/k it’s torture. And it is the campnanwrimo experience 🙂 To celebrate another camp, Kate and I thought it would be good to host weekly 1 hour sprints. On Wednesday of course, Odin’s day, the day of communication and wisdom. The rules are simple. Every Wednesday, from 6-7AZT, we write. Feverishly, creatively, badly…however you write, just write. Then at 7:01, we stop the clock and everyone comments their word count and best line below. Good luck, good inspiration, and may the muses be with you!


2014-12-22_08-07-12 (1)


11 thoughts on “Writing Sprint #1 April 5th

  1. One of my favorite sentences from this sprint:

    “The next day, armed with info about Pesach and bleary-eyed from having stayed up late to read midrash on the Exodus, I carried on as usual, distracted by what I had heard at dinner the previous night, and accompanied by the ghostly smell of glue that permeated the school.”

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  2. It has been said (by me) that you can write fast or you can write well lol. I chose to write fast today, but my favorite two quotes from are (two different pieces, I did a little bit for each one) total words: 813:
    “And the girl stirs, her heart swollen and the dark bruised places lighten up just a little bit. Just enough. And she hears his song and she fights and he pours the sun into her. And she fights and fights and wills her way to the surface and opens her eyes.”\
    “If topography was written of stories, the landmarks would be this: the elbow of a tree where the light turns into spun gold before sunset, the laughter of the children sung sweet over the splash of chlorinated water, the brown-edged feathers of the inca doves as they flutter over grass seed, the taste of dust in the air and the scent of acacia blossoms held aloft like a promise.”

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