And the clock strikes

During the month of August, I’m participating in the Writer’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 4: The Eight of Wands + clock

Time is the trickiest thing to manage in novel-writing, I find, and one of the things I’ve decided to do going forward is to keep a journal with notable events, apart from other journaling and timekeeping I do.

For example, on Thursday, 8/3/17, Tempe experienced monsoon storms rivaling the Ohio tornadoes of my childhood. It was Meet the Teacher Night for the Tempe Elementary School District, and the rare smell of desert rain hit just before the torrents of rain that soaked everyone who made the mad dash to get inside. My daughters and I were among those who got drenched on the way in. We found out afterward that an entire tree limb was torn from its trunk and blown fifteen feet east to where my husband had been parked 30 seconds previous on the street outside the school.

The next day, Friday, 8/4/17, Metallica came to Phoenix–and I got to check off my lifelong goal of seeing them live from my bucket list.

These are slices in time that might be difficult to track down given the piecemeal way I’ve been known to record them, either in paper journals, blogs, Facebook, or mementos. Noting them in a diary dedicated to notable events should help me as I move forward with novels that reflect what goes in real world around my fictitious characters.

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