Ace up my sleeve

During the month of August, I’m participating in the Writer’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 7: Ace of Wands + your oldest work

The last time I did this challenge, I wrote about my oldest published work. This time, however, I have journals on the brain. A friend of mine has written his whole life in journals and still has them all. I don’t have all of mine, but I remember my very first one. It was a purple diary with a lock and key from Sears that my mother gave me, and I was in fourth grade at the time. I began a daily writing practice, just one or two sentences a day, but I grew bored with it, unsure of what to write. It was just a couple of years later that I learned to write in a new way–writing about my first sexual urges, for example. It felt so devilish and thrilling to write about what mattered and was known only to me. I wondered what would happen if others read my diary, and did my best to hide it from my family and others.

Now I regard writing–what I reveal, and also what I conceal–as one of my most powerful forms of magic. My word is my wand, and it is fertile with yearning.

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