There and back again

During the month of August, I’m participating in the Writer’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 6: Wellspring draw. What inspiration can you draw from today?

Last night I finished my most recent, and arguably most interesting, paper journal. This morning, my young daughters began a new academic year. Endings and beginnings like these bear a magical potency in them, and that is why they become characters of their own in good writing. To end is to die and to begin is to rise once again, the infinite turning, now ash, now flame, of the phoenix. To end and to begin is to live, to muse, to venture. It is what we creatures do, and from these beginnings and endings we tease out the life-shaping purpose we seek. ♥ Is it any surprise that sentient creatures are ritualistic, that we create in story and deed again and again what matters to us and guides us?

Is it any wonder that the stories that stick with us are the ones that capture not only the sights and sounds but smells, tastes, and touches we use to make meaning? (Or any wonder that a ritualist by training would also be a novelist?)

One thought on “There and back again

  1. There is something about back-to-school isn’t there? Even after I finished school, it stuck with me as a time to temporarily put away the adventure of summer and settle back into learning and fall. It seems like fall is that time of transformation, of endings and beginnings and it always causes big shifts


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