Wellspring of Inspiration: Cosmic August

Wellspring: what inspiration can you draw from today?

Cosmic August

This August is an interesting month. It starts with Lammas and the harvest of fruits and labor, then we have a Lunar eclipse in Aquarius, the opening of the Lion gate (when Sirius, the earth and the sun move into alignment) August 8th, one of the brightest meteor showers in history on the 12th and a solar eclipse on the 21st. As always for me, I find art imitating life as I contemplate the movement of stars and planets in my story and how those movements will effect the characters. Even today, when (most) people don’t ascribe any supernatural energy to cosmic movement, there is a part of the human soul that is called to attention by the goings of the heavens. We make our way out into the yards and fields and streets out of some instinct to bear witness. It is a necessary reminder, I think, of how vast and mysterious the universe is, a small stirring of awe in our ordinary world. It is as necessary for our characters as it is for us, and I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner. This weeks writing will include at least one cosmic event in recognition of the marvel that is life and the endless mysteries the stars hold. (also will be posting my backlog of writers tarot challenge posts as well)solar-eclipse-clouds

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