Making the cut


During the month of August, I’m participating in the Writer’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 12: 10 of Swords + what needs to be cut ruthlessly from your manuscript

My intuition about what needs to be cut from my manuscript was quite strong before I even pulled the 10 of Athames. My protagonist spends a lot of time thinking, and not as much time experiencing.

My manuscript is still rather short by novel standards–30,000 words or so–so I have quite a bit to add before I begin taking away. My plan is to augment the scenes I have and see where I can cut what my main character says as opposed to what my main characters shows/reveals.

Another idea I have is to explore my character’s memories of being a young child as I explore how she proceeds into the second half of the novel. This may end up replacing quite a bit of what I’ve done in the first part of the novel.



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