Pentacular Portents

During the month of August, I’m participating in the Writer’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 13: King and Queen of Pentacles + favorite crystals


(Apologies in advance for the poor photo resolution–I had never tried the camera on my Kindle until just now, and once I went to the trouble of getting the picture off the Kindle and onto my computer, it hardly seemed worth the effort of getting my phone to take another.)

Poor photo resolution aside, the pentacle reflected in my labradorite sphere captures my sense that the success I anticipate in my future is already being shown to me in the present. I am creating the success I seek as I put each word to the page. Every effort moves me, every meditation stirs me, every call to my muse grounds me. I’m making my way into the future I want every time I dare to take a step, and as slow as that progress seems, when I look back, the steps I’ve taken are too many to count in one go.


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