Three Cheers

During the month of August, I’m participating in the Writer’s Tarot Challenge.

Day 14: Raise a glass with the 3 of Cups and toast your progress

Oh, honey, I am so ready for this.

I found an Apple Orchard Ale in the back of my fridge covered in a fine layer of ice crystals. It chilled my hand as I pulled it out of the fridge and popped up the lid. A shot of Fireball went in first, for a smooth combination of fire and ice.

It’s been a long day–a long string of days. I don’t often drink, but tonight my drink tastes like hell turned heaven. I don’t chug, either, but I’m tempted to practice.

I’ve been at this novel now since… officially? … October of 2015, if I remember correctly. In two months, my manuscript will be two years old. I just think of how much can happen in a two year span–how much has happened in every two year span of my adult life–and I think 1) Why aren’t you done yet and onto your next novel? and 2) Guuuuurl, look at all the amazing stuff that you’ve been keeping busy with these last two years!

I love that the 3 of Chalices in my Tarot deck shows the Goddess in her triune form as Maiden, Mother, Crone. I am all three at once, even as I live into the role of mother (both biologically and as a wise, compassionate leader among adults and children). This novel has taken longer to gestate than my first novel, and that is quite all right. She will arrive when she is ready, and I will have yet another novel to lay before the world.


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