About The Bard’s Lament

“I hope you know that you are not alone, and in those hours when you feel that you are, just know there are other people out there – singing the same melodies of wanderlust, climbing over mountains in the dark, and waking in the night to stare at the moon, thinking of this large world and dreaming – just like you.” I Apex Curve

Welcome to our little writing hamlet!

When I think of all the things that have helped me on the writing journey, community has consistently topped the list. It is good to know one is not alone in facing the blank page. Being able to talk through the rough patches and celebrate successes is much better done in the company of those who understand what it’s like to walk this sometimes pleasant, sometimes arduous path. I look forward to the mutual exchange of many words and images here.


Spinning out of Camp Nanowrimo and our need to have a year-round virtual hangout to come talk (and complain) about writing: the dream, the process, the execution. I hope this little blog becomes a place where we can chat about our literary triumphs and sorrows, post and track our wordcounts, post random articles/photos/quotes/etc that remind us of writing, and get some quick opinions on that stubborn paragraph that just won’t come out right. Eventually, we may invite new people to grow our little community.  In the bastardized words of Elizabeth Gilbert, may you Dare, Dream, and Write, and may I see us all on the Best Seller List!


photo credit http://whimsicalepiphany.tumblr.com/page/8
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